VARTA Batteries - Professional Dual Purpose AGM

VARTA Professional Dual Purpose AGM 
For industrial applications with moderate energy demands, choose the Professional Dual Purpose AGM. This battery is ideal for seasonal use, so when you need a generator or UPS, it’s ready to go with no extra charging required..

Key benefits :
  • Designed for generators and UPS with moderate energy requirements
  • Long lasting: up to four times the cyclic stability of conventional flooded batteries (up to 400 cycles @ 50% DOD)
  • Minimal self-discharge makes it ideal for seasonal use
  • AGM technology for superb shock and vibration resistance
  • Ideal for dual power applications (can be used for both starting and overall energy supply)

Industrial Applications
Find the perfect VARTA® battery for any application with this Usage Chart. Simply choose the machine or vehicle you want to power, and see which battery we recommend.

Application / Usage: Performance :
  • Generator
  • UPS
  • Starting Power : 3/4
  • Cycling Durability : 3/4
  • High Discharge Performance Rate : 4/4
  • Charge Acceptance : 3/4
  • Performance at Extreme Temperatures : 3/4
  • Vibration Resistance : 3/4


VARTA Professional Dual Purpose AGM LA95 (ETN840095085)

VARTA Professional Dual Purpose AGM LA80 (ETN840080080)

VARTA Professional Dual Purpose AGM LA70 (ETN840070076)

VARTA Professional Dual Purpose AGM LA60 (ETN840060068)

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VARTA Professional Dual Purpose AGM LA105 (ETN840105095)

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